Entry to the Irish Loyalty & CX Awards is now open – Entry closes strictly on 29 January 2024
The Irish Loyalty Awards 2023 are open to all businesses in the Island of Ireland that have loyalty and customer experience at the heart of its business.
In recognition of the ever-evolving customer loyalty and customer experience landscape, this year we welcome entries from all companies that can demonstrate the success of customer loyalty and customer experience ‘initiatives’ and ‘tactical campaigns’, in addition to established loyalty programmes.

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List of Categories
The 16 categories (listed below) are designed to reflect the specific needs of the Irish marketplace, so if you are a company engaged in customer loyalty and customer experience, there is a category that will fit your business model.


This award will be awarded to the brand which demonstrates that it has operated the best loyalty programme, initiative or tactical campaign in the Financial Service sector. Judges will reward a customer-centric loyalty offering that demonstrates a cohesive, strategic approach under one or more of the following criteria – value to the customer, commercial benefits, partnerships, customer engagements, and user experience.

This award will recognise the brand which demonstrates that it has operated the best ecommerce or online loyalty programme or initiative in the Irish market, showing overall commercial benefit to the organisation. Entrants will need to demonstrate the critical role that tech enablement and the automation of omnichannel personalisation has played in increasing customer loyalty and retention and how greater integration has delivered success. Companies offering points, paid, tiered and universal loyalty programmes or initiatives qualify to enter this category.

The award will be awarded to the brand or organisation that can best demonstrate how the loyalty programme has differentiated itself and capitalised on opportunities for a business with a highly competitive “switcher” environment. Entrants will be judged under one or more of the following criteria – the effective adoption of a loyalty offering into the utility sector, customer value proposition and relevance to customer base, level of take-up and active participation. In addition, where there is an established programme, judges will seek evidence of strategies to reinvigorate the programme since launch.

This category can be entered by brands that have launched or relaunched a loyalty offering in the last 24 months. Judges will be looking for a cohesive customer loyalty strategy that can demonstrate a customer value proposition that results in positive business outcomes such as retention/acquisition and increased basket spend. Judges will be particularly interested to learn how the new loyalty offering has engaged the customer and the overall commercial benefits for the brand or organisation.

This award will go to the retail organisation or brand that has demonstrated the value to the customer via its loyalty offering and the overall commercial benefits to the organisation. Judges will be looking for the level of engagement within the programme of both existing and new customers. Evidence of a cohesive customer loyalty strategy and effective CRM programme, to grow and retain customers through the loyalty proposition, will be important. Entrants are invited from across the retail sector irrespective of the type of loyalty offering (from large membership programmes to experiential exclusive experiences). In addition, Judges will seek alignment to brand values and goals across a well thought out loyalty programme.

The award will be awarded to the brand or organisation that has implemented the best innovation within its loyalty programme or offering.  Judges will be look for innovation in the form of new technology, creative strategy or campaign centred in the loyalty space. The winning entrant will be able to showcase lateral, out of the box thinking that has been successfully implemented and has delivered measurable commercial results for the business.

This award will go to a brand or organisation that can demonstrate successfully how customer signals are captured, behaviour analysed, and experiences are created that keep customers wanting more.    A customer-centric, personalised approach giving customers a seamless and intuitive customer journey and experience will be key. Judges will be looking for customer intelligence analytics that focus on the customer experience. Entrants will be judged under one of more of the following criteria – emotional engagement, value proposition, customer experience, smart and relevant communications, and commercial benefits for the organisation.

Entries are welcome from any brand or organisation involved in the travel and leisure industry including airlines, hotels, sports and physical activity, beauty, arts and entertainment, tourism (heritage-visitor attractions) and restaurants (including QSR). This award will go to the organisation that can demonstrate the best customer experience one or more of the following criteria – customer satisfaction and value proposition, innovation and creativity, ROI & commercial benefits, levels of engagement.

This award will recognise the loyalty initiative where technology has played a pivotal role in enhancing their overall loyalty offering or programme. Judges will be seeking innovation and the use of technology to improve overall programme functionality such as better experience, personalisation, data insights, improved communication and any other key benefits. Entrants should also highlight how this technology has provided a competitive advantage which could be defined as new customers acquisition, retention, increasing ROI, market voice and engagement or anything else fitting in line with the brand objectives. Mobile wallets, AI, IoT, all other connected environments can be entered under this category. Entries that have been fully integrated together with initiatives currently in the test phase can enter.

This award will recognise organisations that are placing the employee at the heart of everything they do, boosting customer retention and profits through the focus of employees. Judges are interested to see recognition programs that have helped to motivate employees (Franchise/Distributors) in a way that encourages positive approaches and outcomes. The award will go to the organisation that can demonstrate how it has operated the best employee recognition programme under one of more of the following criteria: employed engagement, retention, business value, measurable impact, creativity & innovation and alignment with business goals.

This award will go to the organisation or brand that has a programme launched in Ireland for more than 5 years and can demonstrate the long-term commercial value the programme has delivered to the organisation. Judging will be based on the following criteria – overall customer engagement, retention & acquisition, increase the share of wallet and overall customer value proposition, creativity & innovation, CRM strategy. Judges are keen to see the loyalty programme alignment to brand values and goals over the long-term. In addition, Judges will also be focusing on how the programme has remained relevant with changing technology and communication channels to maintain and increase ongoing programme participation.

This award will go to the brand or organisation that has linked loyalty to deliver its organisation corporate social responsibility goals; this is open to all community initiatives, social, environmental, ethical, working with charities, etc. The judges are looking for initiatives that not only benefited society but also executed successfully and incorporated into the overall loyalty strategy of the organisation. Judges will also be on the lookout for innovation and creativity and the long-term impact of these initiatives.

This award will go to the organisation or brand that can demonstrate how it has implemented the best marketing campaign linked to its loyalty programme or initiative. The judges seek to recognise a company that has developed a wining campaign to address a challenge in the marketplace, utilise outstanding creative elements that engages new or existing customers through smart and relevant communications. Ability to demonstrate the performance metrics of the campaign are important. Judges are also keen to award marks to the best performance marketing campaign in terms or creativity and innovation, whatever the budget size.

Entrants in this category must operate a B2B loyalty initiative and can demonstrate how it has delivered the best B2B loyalty initiative under one of more of the following criteria – Loyalty proposition and value to the organisations, B2B engagement, commercial benefits, innovation and creativity. Judges will view businesses favourably that has gone the extra mile to foster closer relationships with their customers and win over their loyalty.

This category is for organisations that can demonstrate excellence in partnership as part of its overall loyalty strategy. The award will recognise a loyalty coalition loyalty program that offers incentives/attractive benefits to customers from two or more businesses and delivered substantial value to participating Partners. The award will be judged under the following criteria – consumer value, increased engagement and behaviour change, customer-centric initiatives and rewards, and the competitive advantage it delivered to the participating partners.

The SME Loyalty Programme/Initiative of the Year will go to the SME organisation that can show how they have operated the best loyalty programme or initiative within its sector. Entries need to address one or more of the following criteria- value to the customer, commercial benefits and ROI, customer engagement. Judges will be particularly looking for creativity and innovation from this category with alignment to brand values and goals across a well-thought-out and executed effort. Entrants from the exploratory, low budget initiatives are encouraged.

For the first time the Irish Loyalty & CX Awards are recognising professionals who are doing great things in the loyalty industry in Ireland. Do you know someone who has developed a new and innovative loyalty campaign or concept? Is your colleague/staff member challenging the existing rules to drive success in customer loyalty. Have they completed the CLMP loyalty qualification? If yes, you can nominate them for a 2023 Loyalty All-Star. Nominations are strictly confidential and are at the significantly reduced cost of £50+VAT per entry. There is no limit on the number of nominations you can submit but please note but please note that a high-quality head and shoulders photograph, and confirmation of current job title, must be submitted as part of the nomination.

The criterion for this award is quite simple …passionate about loyalty! We are looking for stand-out individuals who have been at the forefront of driving loyalty marketing throughout their career, who have demonstrated innovation, pursued new opportunities in loyalty, and achieved demonstrable results.
Individuals can enter by self-nominating or can be nominated by a colleague for inclusion. We urge people not to be modest and to enter or nominate.

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