Entry to the Irish Loyalty & CX Awards is now open – Entry closes strictly on 29th January 2024

Entries for 2022 is now closed

All companies, irrespective of size or profile, offering loyalty to their customers in any format are strongly encouraged to enter the awards.

All entries will be treated in the strictest confidence and only entries that reach the shortlist stage will be announced in the public domain.

If any difficulty is experienced in uploading your submission, please email info@irishloyaltyawards.ie and you will receive a response when the office re-opens. Thank you

Why entering the 2024 Irish Loyalty & CX Awards is good for your business?

  • Raise your company profile and increase credibility and trust in your brand
  • Receive the national recognition your programme deserves
  • Be recognised as a leader and innovator in customer loyalty and customer experience
  • Grow your business by increasing your competitive advantage
  • Strengthen relationships with existing clients by show-casing achievements you have accomplished together

Who can enter?

Irrespective of size or profile, entries are welcomed from all companies, brands, agencies’ and loyalty technology providers

Important to note:
All entries will be treated in the strictest confidence and only entries that reach the shortlist stage will be announced in the public domain. There is no limit on the number of categories which a company can enter and on average it takes just ½ a day to prepare your submission.

Cost to Enter

€125.00 plus VAT payable before registration – Click here to pay now

How to Enter

Step 1:

All entries must be submitted via the online entry portal Complete the online entry form and select the Category/Categories you wish to enter

Step 2:

Upload the following documents saved in a PDF format:

1. Title & Synopsis
Please include a maximum 10-word title (see naming convention below) and a 100-word entry description, which will be used in the awards nigh booklet and website if successful in reaching this stage

2. Main Entry Submission 
Your submission paper must take the form of a word-processed statement 1,000 words max.) in the format outlined below .. Please use the section headings in your document. (Headings are not part of the word count

– Date of loyalty programme launched
– Total number of customers
– Total number signed up to the loyalty programme

Describe the loyalty initiative/programme or which your company is entering this award category
(include the aims and objectives of the initiative, project or programme).

What benefits to your company and your customers can be illustrated as a result?
(i.e. competitive advantage, effectiveness, ROI, improved performance, service).
What 3 measurements of success best indicate why your company or the programme or initiative should win this award? (please refer to results and outcomes to the original objectives).

Briefly outline the planned strategy for continuous improvement of your company’s loyalty product
or service over the next 3 years? (include the scope of programme or initiative, choice of implementation or approach.

Step 3:

Please upload your company high-resolution logo in both in either jpeg, eps, or vector). We also request 1or 2 images of your loyalty initiative that can be used in the awards night production is successful in reaching this stage

The final upload section allows you to under a maximum of 3 pieces of supporting material

Step 4:

Pay Online

Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions:

  • All entries must be submitted online by midnight 22 January 2024 the entry process online at: irishloyaltyawards.ie
  • Entries received after the closing date will not be accepted except by special arrangement with the organisers.
  • You are eligible to enter more than one category. Any submissions that are entered into categories for which they do not fit the criteria may be either removed completely or re-categorised
  • Entrants may mark financial information or sensitive parts of their entry as ‘not for publication’. Please do so clearly by highlighting text or using a different colour and making reference to it. This will be respected in all instances by the organisers.
  • Feedback on entries is at the discretion of the judges and will be communicated via Irish Loyalty Awards team.

Judging Criteria:

Judging Criteria:

Judges will be assessing entries on the following key areas. To help you, please ensure you have reflected these in your entry submission together with reviewing the category descriptions provided.

– Measurement of programme lifetime ROI
– Acquisition
– Average basket spend
– Visit frequency
– Total Spend
– Increase in share of wallet
– Retention
– Customer Satisfaction